Voice Services

Voice Over IP Services


Before you replace your legacy phone system with more hardware, consider a hosted PBX solution from EGATE. Not only will you reduce capital costs, you’ll also enjoy feature-rich, fully managed VoIP service with excellent call-quality. 


Extend VoIP technology beyond the office and take advantage of cloud-based features such as unified messaging, 5-way conferencing, and collaboration tools. With next-generation mobility features, you’ll open up new avenues of telecommuting and remote-access to the office. 


EGATE understands that your voice services are critical to your business operations. Our carrier grade voice solutions are designed for high reliability. We differentiate ourselves by offering the ability to deliver your voice solution end to end over our private data network which ensures that monitoring and proper QoS occur along with optimization of your local network to ensure crystal clear calls every time. 


With Hosted PBX, you’ll benefit from a high-level of redundancy and geographic diversity that is simply not available in traditional phone systems. 

SIP Trunking

Businesses are looking for a cost-effective way to transition to IP voice services and better leverage their networks. 


With SIP Trunking, businesses can employ a converged voice and data network and do away with costly PRI and analog line services. SIP Trunking allows businesses to better leverage their existing networks by utilizing EGATE’s network for both voice and data services. 


If your PBX is already IP enabled, then you are ready for SIP Trunking. If not, EGATE can provide a gateway device that will allow you to squeeze additional use from existing phone systems. 


And unlike other service providers that deliver SIP over the public Internet, EGATE can provide a dedicated Layer 2 connection to the PSTN for a higher quality of service and superior service level agreement. Providing voice over the EGATE private network ensures that we are accountable for your voice calls from end to end.