Cloud Services

Flexible Infastructure for your Organization

What are Cloud Services and when should my organization consider using them?

Cloud has a wide meaning in the industry; however, it generally refers to leveraging the part of a larger infrastructure to run corporate workloads.


Cloud allows you to stop making large capital-intensive hardware and software purchases and rent only the computing and software resources you need on a monthly basis.  


Traditional businesses have typically needed to invest heavily if they wanted to build a reliable IT infrastructure. Typically, this involved purchasing expensive servers, renovating office space to provide reliable environmental and power to your server room.


Your IT team would need to forecast your computing requirements for the next 3-5 years at the time of each infrastructure purchase.  Additionally, your office becomes a critical piece of the computing environment unless you are ready to invest in costly disaster recovery systems.

What differentiates EGATE Cloud?

Utilizing the EGATE cloud allows you to migrate your applications to a more reliable and robust platform. Under the EGATE cloud you only pay for the CPU, Memory, Storage and software licenses you actually need now, and you can grow instantly and with minimal to no down time.  


When using the EGATE cloud with our connectivity solutions we connect your cloud resources to you over a private network allowing us to guarantee quality of service and avoiding congestion issues that can occur by running your cloud services over the traditional public Internet.  


We can provide disaster recovery and redundancy and backup options. All of our systems are powered by industry leading virtualization software and hosted in secure reliable data centers.  


We protect your data by ensuring data sovereignty in Canada and can also integrate with many of the major public clouds including Google, Amazon and Microsoft.  

How can EGATE help my organization transition to Cloud?

Transitioning to cloud can be a large undertaking to ensure a successful migration.  EGATE makes it easy for you to migrate to your customized, secure cloud environment in a way that works around your business schedule and needs. Our team can assess, plan and execute the entire migration and ensure a smooth and transparent transition to the end user.


Cloud transitions can also be done in stages or a hybrid environment letting you leverage the best of both technologies.