Consulting : Application Development

EGATE offers an array of Consulting Services to support the development and deployment of your business-critical applications.

Typically, a project requires EGATE's Consulting Engineers to perform an overall assessment and requirements analysis, to best determine the length and details of the project. To ensure the success of the project, a statement of work will be drafted to include objectives, reporting frequency, and critical success factors.

Please contact us for more information and pricing on the following offerings:

Application and Architecture Performance Tuning

Do you want to make sure your applications are running at peak performance? Let our experts get the most our of your applications and environment--including database and Web Server implementations.

Application Design

Are you designing a new application or redesigning/transitioning from an existing one? Getting the architecture 'right' is a must to ensure success. Benefit from EGATE's years of expertise on this critical phase of your project.

Code Reviews

Would you not sleep easier at night knowing someone else reviewed your code before the application was deployed? We'll comb through your code for you, maximizing the chances of finding security bugs and other issues of concern before your application goes live.

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