Connectivity : Dial-Up

Dial-up access is suitable for both residential and business customers, and can serve either as a primary connection or as an emergency backup to higher speed services. Dial-up services are an ideal choice for mobile, remote and rural clients, as well as individuals requiring only occasional Internet access. EGATE offers dial-up service through local, regional, national, and global coverage plans. National and global services are offered in partnership with Bell Canada and iPass, respectively.

Local Dial-up

EGATE offers dial-up service to those who can call locally 416/647 calling area, as well as an 800 service for individuals outside of the 416/647 area (additional usage charges apply). Dial-up accounts support speeds up to 56Kpbs, with metered or unlimited option plans available. Alternatively, this service can be utilized as emergency backup to higher speed connections, an ideal option for businesses.

Regional Dial-up

Regional dial-up is available in the Ottawa, Montreal, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Hamilton areas with metered or unlimited option plans.

National Dial-up

Offered in partnership with Bell Canada, EGATE's national dial-up plan covers 90% of the population. For a detailed listing of coverage areas, please contact our offices. This service is available with metered access only.

Global Dial-up

Offered in partnership with iPass, one of North America's largest providers of remote Internet access, Global dial-up access enables clients to access iPass' global virtual network through thousands of dial-up locations in more than 150 countries. An hourly fee applies, and fees vary by location.


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