Authoritative IPv6 DNS Services

EGATE provides the option for customers to have their zone files hosted on a dualstack IPv4 and IPv6 authoritative name server.

To utilize the service first ensure your domain is hosted on our primary authoritative name servers. Customers using the EGATE primary authoritative name servers should have the following name servers:


If you are NOT using these name servers please contact EGATE support for assistance before proceeding.

If you are using these name servers you can switch your name servers to the following:

  • (2001:4900:1::11)
  • (2001:4900:1::12)

Recursive IPv6 DNS Services

Customers who wish to have their DNS queries over IPv6 can use the following recursive name servers.

  • (2001:4900:1::53:1)
  • (2001:4900:1::53:2)

These servers are only available to our connectivity customers

Support for your IPv6 Service

Customers who choose to use our IPv6 DNS service need to be aware that IPv6 is still in a deployment phase and that there could be certain issues that will not arise in IPv4.

Customers who use IPv6 transport should be aware that if a site has configured their DNS to return both an IPv6 (AAAA) and IPv4 (A) record that the IPv6 record will take precedence. Should the downstream site not be fully configured for IPv6 users may experience issues.

EGATE asks that you check with our support before contacting a downstream site in regards to connectivity issues when utilizing IPv6.


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